When and How to Say NO

Everything you need to know about saying "NO" so you can finally feel happier.

It can be SO hard to say NO. Especially when you're "too nice" or a people-pleaser.

You don't want to offend anyone so you go to extreme lengths to avoid it. You want people to like you. You avoid conflict because you don't want to lose anyone's love or good opinion. You're trying to be perfect. Trying to be everything for everybody. So you say YES over and over and over again.

But by habitually saying YES to everything, you wind up unhappy trying to make everyone else happy. And THAT winds up taking a heavy toll on your dearest relationships.

That HAS to stop.

You learned these habits. And this means you can UN-learn them too.

Being nice and helpful worked well when you were young to get attention or to avoid conflict. But it doesn't work so well now that you're an adult. Now it comes with a HEAVY price. Always saying YES wears you down. You can get burned out. Overwhelmed. It can damage your relationships. It can make you feel like you're not worthy, not valuable..

This is baloney. You ARE lovable. You ARE good enough. Just as you are.

But you HAVE to start saying NO. You have to let go of your old habits and start living honestly.

In When and How to Say NO, you'll learn how to live according to YOUR values and priorities. You'll learn what really matters to you most. What's important to YOU. When you know that, it's so much easier to say NO because you know what to say NO to.

After you learn WHAT to say NO to, you'll learn exactly HOW to say NO kindly. You'll learn how to say NO in a way that's caring and understanding to BOTH you and the person you're saying NO to.

Remember, you can't take care of those you love most if you aren't taking good care of yourself. Putting yourself first is the most important thing you can do for your relationships!

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Your Instructor

Cheryl Hutchinson, PhD
Cheryl Hutchinson, PhD

I learned the hard way that being "too nice" and not saying "NO" is super dangerous.

Getting severely ill in my 30's stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to take a hard look at my life. Fast forward a decade and a half and I'm better than ever. Short story--I have a GREAT life!

You'd think having a PhD in Clinical Psychology would've made it easy to put my life back together. It didn't. But having that PhD did help me research new techniques, apply them to my life, and evaluate what REALLY worked.

Now it's YOUR TURN to learn from my mistakes. You'll learn to live life on YOUR terms. You can feel happier and more confident than ever. And you can ABSOLUTELY do this. If you're willing to do the work, you can have a GREAT life, too!

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You care about your relationships. You care about being kind. But sometimes the kindest and best thing you can do is say NO.

I know first hand the high price and danger that comes from saying YES too often -- both to you and to your relationships. I don't want you to pay the price of becoming overwhelmed and overdone.

By taking When and How to Say NO you'll start to really put yourself and the ones you love first.

You'll learn to no longer feel paralyzed by your knee-jerk habit of automatically saying YES to everything. You'll learn what really matters to you, when you need to say NO, and how to say NO while still being kind. You'll have more time and energy to spend on what really matters to you -- meaningful relationships and amazing experiences.

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